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Wedding Reception Dinner

Adaaya Team
23 Sep 2018 07:10 PM Comment(s)

Choosing the right "dinner plates" for your wedding

  1. Weddings finally end up with the great food and exquisite plating. Using disposables is a great idea if you do not want to organise cleaning after the dinner is over. However, there are few basics you must consider for choosing the right disposable wedding tableware for your big day:

    Steps for choosing the right disposable plates for your wedding:

    1. Are the Disposable-ware Sturdy & Heavy Duty ?
    2. How long will the disposable Bowl Hold Steaming Hot Soup?
    3. Will your fancy wedding disposable transfer the heat or Hold the heat?
    4. Can your disposable take the all-important KNIFE TEST?
    5. Can you ‘Make it Personal’?

    For details see below:

    1. Are the Disposable-ware Sturdy & Heavy Duty ? 
      Surly, you would not like to end up with floppy plastic or paper plate which would cause great agony for your guests to hold he food. Even if it is a Sit down Party Format, Flappy-floppy disposables are best avoided. Poor Quality disposable, though it means no cleaning for the plates, it means a lot of risk for beautiful table lenin or for the lovely garden pathway you have. Also, remember, there would be kids at the party! According to Jen & Max, maximum Weight that can be carried on a 10-inch- Palm Platter is as high as 7 kilos ! 
    2. How long will the disposable Bowl Hold Steaming Hot Soup?
       A quick test is very good idea for a Disposable Bowl or Cup, if you are planning to serve Soup at your Reception Dinner. Adaaya Palm Leaf Bowls can hold Soup for a long period. You may leave it to cool down. However, remember, palm will absorb a bit of soup as there are no chemical coatings over it.
    3. Will the fancy wedding disposable transfer the heat or Hold the heat? 
      When you plate up at party, you do not want it to burn your palm holding it. Check it out with the disposable you have chosen. Adaaya Palm platters are natural poor conductors of heat, so that it does not burn the hands holding it. 

    4. Can your disposable take the KNIFE TEST? 
      You can do a a simple knife test to see if the disposable plates of your choice is not splitting into pieces when your guest will slide down the knife through that wedding steak? 

    5. Can you ‘Make it Personal’? 
      With a Quick Designing you can make it your very own personal platters. Check out the designing that our wonderful client SM had done on his very own Adaaya charger platters 

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