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  • Just leaf & water & heat

    _Go Green. One plate at a time_
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  • Creating & Brewing at Farm

    Adaaya farm made palm leaf tablewares. These lovely dishes present are 100% natural and compostable.
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  • Made by...‚Äč

    The Ladies who create magic from leaf.
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Our logo story

Adaaya in Sanskrit language (A whooping 2200 years old language of India) means one who is ahead. For our small farm based firm, it was a nice motto is begin with. The orange represents the colour of Sun which is life for all farm produce. So there you go...

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Eco Wedding 

Palm Leaf plates find fits in beautifully for eco weddings. It adds to wedding decorations. Especially if you are planning a close intimate wedding with family & friends. If your idea is around rustic celebration on a special destination. Try Adaaya palm. Find more on eco weddings...

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Palm Boats

Our wooden looking Adaaya Boats are perfect when you want to give a unique eco touch to party & wedding gifts. Like all our other table-wares made of palm, these boats are disposables. Once, their job is done it will flatten up like any ordinary natural leaf. In few months it will bio degrade and merge with earth. Find more...

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There are simple steps to compost Adaaya Palmware disposables after the party is done. If your wedding was at a venue, check with them if they have composting party disposables. Else Follow these simple 5 steps and you are home!

More Eco ideas

10-minute Party Recipe Book

Party date is set. Theme is finalised. Decorations are decided. Adaaya Palms plates are ready. Time to decide on party food. Here is a quick guide for our friends out there. 

Heena's 10-min Party Recipes. Download Free Party Recipe Book here...

Free Recipe Book

Alternate to Plastics?

Plastic ban is great for clean city. But what are the alternative for plastic food platters? Traditional Indian ways offer few solutions. Adaaya Palm Disposable range of table-wares are made of Leaf. Tossed out after usage and the our Palm Leaf disposables will compost on its own...

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