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Choose areca, choose safer food!

20 Apr 2023 02:53 PM Comment(s)

The food chain—when was the last time you thought about it? Probably back in school when you were studying about it. Plastics have given us a reason to think about it again, unfortunately. Microplastics have invaded the bottom of the food chain, and are ingested by the organisms at the bottom of the pyramid. As the food chain progresses, the plastics also make their way up, until they reach the food that we eat. Indeed researchers have found “forever chemicals”, which are extremely toxic chemicals, in our plastic containers as well as in our food. There is no one to blame but ourselves, and it is our responsibility to mitigate the damage as much as we can. The first step is to stop using plastics, wherever possible, and substitute them with biodegradable materials like areca palm leaves. Are you convinced enough to make the change?

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