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Can't help but leave behind disposable plates? Choose areca!

08 Mar 2023 03:03 PM Comment(s)

35.7 million tons! That’s how much plastic waste was produced in the USA in 2018! It must be much more now. Plastic is not biodegradable, and considering the disposal methods of plastics, a lot of it will end up harming the Earth by preventing the percolation of rainwater or by turning into harmful smoke when incinerated. Turn your attention to areca palm leaf plates. Since they’re fully natural, they can be disposed of without a worry. It’s enough to bury them under the soil and the Earth will take care of them. Moreover, they don’t cause any harm to the environment while they are still solid. Yet another reason to “dump” plastic disposables and move to sustainable options like Adaaya’s areca palm leaf plates!

No chemicals, only areca in Adaaya palm leaf plates!
Adaaya plates left behind on the picnic won't harm the environment!


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