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Plan on disposing of your areca plates? Here's how!

13 Mar 2023 07:42 PM Comment(s)

Vermicomposting! Ever done it in your kitchen garden? All it takes is some soil, maybe a few earthworms and a bit of moisture, and your waste becomes manure. The same process can be applied to areca palm leaf plates once they are used! Bury them in the soil and give them a bit of moisture and they will degrade over a few weeks, until they’re one with the soil. There will be no trace of their existence left and everyone, including the planet, will come out happier! So next time you go on a picnic, choose areca and not plastic!

No chemicals, only areca in Adaaya palm leaf plates!
Adaaya plates buried in the garden will help your flowers and veggies grow better!
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