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Hosting Party

Adaaya Team
24 Sep 2018 07:17 AM Comment(s)

How to become a wonderful party host?

So, you are the host for your Kitty group this month. This is the time to have lots of fun and frolic with your girl pals. Lots of catching up over some mouthwatering food is the order of the day and the last thing you would want to worry is about washing dishes afterwards. Hosting a Kitty party at home is not an easy task, especially when the focus is on the food and the fine dinnerware that you so love and you skip a beat when one of your favorite fine crystal glass topples and you have that sinking feeling that it was the last time you will be seeing it!!!!!Phew. That doesn’t sound like fun, does it? Won’t you be happier, if you didn’t have to be so worried at your own party? Won’t you be happier if you are known as a person who has great respect and also a liking for nature and has given a thought to protect the environment and chosen to follow a natural way of living without comprising on your elegance?

Well, If your all answers to the above questions are in positive, well, then the Elegant, Disposable, Biodegradable dinnerware/partyware is exclusively for you.

These elegant tablewares are made of natural Palm leaves which makes them a better choice than the age old thermocol or plastic disposable tableware. Palm Leaves partyware are completely biodegradable, thus making sure that you are not harming the environment while disposing them off. You can use these Disposable, Eco friendly and Sustainable tableware as a very elegant alternative to your precious crockery which needs to be washed later with care. Be it glasses or plates of any size or even spoons, these products are cent percent natural and non toxic. They are available in different colors and also come in different shapes. You can be sure of the fact that the food for your guests is served on pure, natural, compostable, and sustainable partyware and they go with all sorts of food. I am sure, these natural products will garner the attention of one and all during your kitty party. They are highly sustainable and sturdy, and there will be no feeling of insecurity, even if someone accidentally drops it because it will not break and be assured your favorite crystal glass is safe. The disposable dinnerware will help you keep you focus on the party, the meal, your friends and not on your crockery. And when the party is over, that’s where you will appreciate the products more because of the easy clean up later and the products’ disposability.

Start the trend of GO GREEN!! These 100% natural products are available at an affordable price in many shapes and sizes. You can serve all varieties of food – sides, desserts, hot, warm – in these elegant natural, compostable dinnerware with elan.

So why not be a trendsetter for a healthier and smarter way to party!!!!!

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